All Barrierboard panels are Patented plasterboard composite materials combining the benefits of mass isolation and damping into a single product


A range of tested (CSIRO) systems with excellent Rw (STC) values including Fire ratings and Impact Isolation Class results.


Repeatable acoustic results from laboratory tests to site.


Our range of Barrierboard products are designed to minimise installation problems.


Barrierboard systems offer thinner walls for the same Rw values, means extra space for the occupier. In retrofit installations this means maximum performance from minimum thickness and a minimum of alterations.


Competitively priced to save you money.


Quick to install means jobs are finished sooner.

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Barrierboard™ A32 (above) is an ingenious 32mm wall panel comprising three key elements. The outer layer is a 16mm Fire Rated plaster board sheet specifically selected for its density. The middle layer is an acoustically designed isolation layer and the key element in the performance structure of Barrierboard™. The internal layer is a 10mm plasterboard sheet that is the substrate of the panel. These elements are adhered using a specially formulated adhesive glue bonded together with roller pressers designed for the manufacture of Barrierboard™.

Sound passes through the outer layer, arrested by the inter layer and is effectively prevented from passing to the next layer.


  • 9dB noise transfer reduction

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