Stratocell Whisper®  Panels

Stratocell Whisper® is a polyethylene foam which is extremely effective in sound absorption. It can be used for outdoor and indoor applications.


  • Superior noise control. Sound rating NRC 1.0

  • Resilient to water and humidity

  • Flame retardant and/or Group 1 fire rating

  • Light weight​

  • Easily cut to install

Stratocell Whisper®  Exterior UV

Suitable for:

  • Fences to absorb traffic & train noise

  • Machinery noise

  • Airconditioning noise

  • Swimming pool filters

  • Construction noise

Stratocell Whisper® Interior

Suitable for:

  • Indoor swimming pools

  • Childcare centres

  • School halls

  • Gymnasiums

  • Ceilings where machinery and animals are housed

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