the story behind Barrierboard™

an acoustic innovation

Acoustic engineer, Nerio Castelli, innovatively combined locally sourced materials to create a one-of-a-kind sound blocking panel. This panel excels in preventing noise transfer entering or exiting rooms such as homes, offices, boardrooms, or any workspace where discretion is paramount.

What makes Barrierboard™ unique is its ability to blend seamlessly into its environment post-installation.

Recognition and Awards

The effectiveness of Barrierboard™ in noise reduction was so revolutionary that it earned the prestigious 2003 Australian Innovative Products Award, a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

This award is a symbol of pride and excellence for our team.

Discover the Quiet Difference with Barrierboard™

Barrierboard™ Australia is here to solve your noise and reverberation issues. Let us "Create Your Sound Haven", whether it's in your home
or business.
Take the first step towards a more peaceful and professional environment.

A New Era

Recently, Barrierboard™ Australia Pty Ltd, operated by a group of professionals with extensive experience in construction and acoustics, acquired Barrierboard™.

This acquisition not only brought the flagship product under our umbrella but also allowed us to expand our range with leading sound-absorbing solutions. Barrierboard™ Australia now boasts an unmatched selection of products for sound blocking and reverberation absorption, all supplied and installed by our team in collaboration with acoustic sound specialists and accredited tradespeople.

Quality and Community

At Barrierboard™ Australia, our mission extends beyond product excellence. We are committed to innovating and expanding our product range, focusing on affordability for our customers. In an era where high-density urban living is increasingly common, we address the challenges posed by inadequate acoustic building regulations.

Our products offer solutions to reduce stress and health issues caused by noise pollution, ensuring a quiet, more peaceful living and working environments.