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Mobile Acoustics: Engineered for Flexibility and Function

Discover the ideal blend of flexibility, functionality, and style with our Mobile Acoustics range, specifically designed for dynamic, modern workspaces.

These Acoustic Table Solutions are crafted to cater to the evolving needs of remote and flexible working environments. Available in a full spectrum of colors, they bring both vibrancy and practicality to your workspace.

Key Features:

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Discover the Quiet Difference with Barrierboard™

Barrierboard™ Australia is here to solve your noise and reverberation issues. Let us "Create Your Sound Haven", whether it's in your home
or business.
Take the first step towards a more peaceful and professional environment.

Is Barrierboard™ Australian made?

Can you deliver Barrierboard™ Australia wide?

Can Barrierboard™ be applied externally?

Can I finish Barrierboard™ to look like a Plaster wall?

Can I apply Barrierboard™ to a ceiling to reduce noise from above?

Can I hang picture frames or paintings to Barrierboard™?

Is there a cheaper, better alternative to Barrierboard™?

What is the minimum order?

Do you install?

Does Barrierboard™ have a commercial application?

Does Barrierboard™ have a Domestic application?

Can you install Barrierboard™ in wet areas?