Stratocell Whisper® Panels

Redefining Acoustic Harmony

Experience the next level of acoustic innovation with Stratocell Whisper® Panels. These panels can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. Made from a closed cell polyethylene foam specifically designed to bring unparalleled sound control to commercial, industrial and outdoor environments.

These panels stand at the forefront of acoustic technology, offering a highly effective solution for managing noise and enhancing sound quality in various spaces.


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Discover the Quiet Difference with Barrierboard™

Barrierboard™ Australia is here to solve your noise and reverberation issues. Let us "Create Your Sound Haven", whether it's in your home
or business.
Take the first step towards a more peaceful and professional environment.

Is Barrierboard™ Australian made?

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Can I finish Barrierboard™ to look like a Plaster wall?

Can I apply Barrierboard™ to a ceiling to reduce noise from above?

Can I hang picture frames or paintings to Barrierboard™?

Is there a cheaper, better alternative to Barrierboard™?

What is the minimum order?

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Does Barrierboard™ have a commercial application?

Does Barrierboard™ have a Domestic application?

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