Barrierboard A16 and A10 are the latest innovation in our growing stable of noise blocking products. They take elements of the flagship product Barrierboard A32 and deconstruct them for use in commercial construction and in retro fits where access due to stair flights and tight corners become a challenge.

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Barrierboard A16

Barrierboard A16 is perfect for use where room space is an issue due to adjoining wardrobes, window architraves, curtain pelmets etc do not allow the minimum needed (32mm) to apply Barrierboard A32.

Barrierboard A16 has our exclusive Isolator Interlayer adhered to the inside face of the 16mm Fire Rated plasterboard, with the Pressure Sensitive peel and stick system ready to adhere directly to the existing plasterboard wall effectively creating a Barrierboard A32 using the existing wall linings (10mm plasterboard).


  • Slimline use where space is an issue

  • Lighter and more portable than Barrierboard A32

  • Can be delivered in any standard shelf size plasterboard needed​

  • 6dB noise transfer reduction

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Barrierboard A10

Barrierboard A10 takes our newly developed and exclusive new Isolator Interlayer and adheres it to a 10mm plaster substrate.

The open face of the Isolator Interlayer has a specially designed Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with an easy peel off protection paper. Simply screw fix the Barrierboard A10 to your target wall, then push the outer layer of 16mm locally sourced Fire Rated plaster onto the Isolator Interlayer, screw fixing (if needed) through the re-bates.


  • Lightweight for commercial use

  • Comes in any standard length plasterboard

  • 9dB noise transfer reducton when combined with locally sourced 16mm Fire Rated plaster

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