Barrierboard™ A10

Barrierboard™ A10 takes our newly developed and exclusive new Isolator Interlayer and adheres it to a 10mm plaster substrate.

The open face of the Isolator Interlayer has a specially designed Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with an easy peel off protection paper. Simply screw fix the Barrierboard™ A10 to your target wall, then push the outer layer of 16mm locally sourced Fire Rated plaster onto the Isolator Interlayer, screw fixing (if needed) through the re-bates.


  • Lightweight for commercial use
  • Comes in any standard length plasterboard
  • 9dB noise transfer reducton when combined with locally sourced 16mm Fire Rated plaster

Discover the Quiet Difference with Barrierboard™

Barrierboard™ Australia is here to solve your noise and reverberation issues. Let us "Create Your Sound Haven", whether it's in your home
or business.
Take the first step towards a more peaceful and professional environment.

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